After a 5 year hiatus from building amplifiers, I decided to build an amp I have been thinking about for a long time – a Marshall JCM800 Combo clone. I bought a 112 combo cabinet several years ago and originally I had a JTM45 chassis I built in it because I was using a lot of pedals in front of the amp. This amp marks my return to the “guitar – cable – amp” concept for the purest signal path. The project is in no way a replica of any pre-existing Marshall amp, but a Frankenstein monster of parts and pieces that I think are going to make a great sounding amp.

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  1. bitbrain2101

    Hello Joe,
    I can´t stop looking at the pictures of your JCM 800 Combo amp chassis. It is a real pleasure for me to see the style and quality of your build. Have you ever seen Hiwatt amps built by Harry Joyce, you are near to it, congratulaions. I like the vintage look of every component, you must have a treasure of mustard caps.
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and regards

  2. Sinisa Petrovic

    Hi Joe,
    I am amazed with your fine work. Your wiring work and the layout design is simply perfect.
    I am assembling at the moment a clone Marshall JTM 45 using Metro/Valvestorm schematics, parts and chases. The Metro clone JTM 45 is really great design however, I like particularly your design of the bias extension connection. This is really clever idea and neat design. Essentially that way one can avoid to pull out from a cabinet complete classes in order to bias power tubes whenever the old power tubes are replaced. My question is what is the value of the bias pot which you use to replace the trim pot 27k Ohm?
    Also, please be so kind to inform me where did you purchased that pot. Thank you in advance, Sinisa

  3. Lou

    Your work is brillant!!! well done !!

    Do you build or could you built me a JTM 45 loaded
    turret board ?

    Best Regards !



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