Tweaks – It’s never really done…

For my other amps, I built them with mods before even testing a stock configuration. I learned about these mods from the Tone Lizard website. For this build, I wanted to start stock and then gradually make the mods in the spirit of keeping the amp as close to original as possible. But after playing the amp and comparing it to one of my previous builds, I decided to do the mods. The amp is way too bright when lowering the preamp gain knob. I was sort of expecting this since I installed the .001uF bright capacitor that many people clip out. I removed the capacitor and this solved the brightness issue.

The next step was more gain. I lowered the cathode resistor to 5.6K (stock is 10K, I had a 8.2K installed) and removed the treble peaking circuit. I then placed a 68K right on pin 2 of V1. The amp now sounds the way I want it to sound!

My next step will be experimenting with some NOS tubes.