Installing the Circuit Board and Completion.

With the leads all wired the next step was to drop in the board and wire it to the tube sockets, potentiometers, and transformers. This was time consuming for me as I have raging O.C.D. so every wire must be just right. I took my time and I am happy with the lead dress.

*** WARNING – THE VOLTAGES INSIDE OF A GUITAR AMP CAN KILL YOU! Even adfter the amp is unplugged the capacitors can store lethal voltage. Learn how to drain caps by clicking here.***

I did some preliminary voltage testing as described in the Metroamp 50 Watt Kit Instructions. My voltages were slightly different because of the transformers and layout I was using, but I found correct voltages on the internet. Everything looked good. With a speaker attached, I biased the power tubes to 40ma as suggested by Chris Merren.

Now the final moment – I plugged in my hot rodded Tele and flipped the standby switch. The amp came to life. What a great St. Patrick’s day present! I goofed around a little with the amp and the tone is unreal with a beautiful aggressive and full crunchy sound. I let it burn in for a while, hitting a chord every now and then.

But all is not perfect in paradise. I noticed the amp has a slight hum even when no guitar is plugged in or even if the master volume is turned down. It is almost too small to complain about, but this is to be the keeper amp of my life. I must track down the source of the hum to make the amp perfect.

Yes, I know I am nuts.

I will do some research and hit the forums for some ideas.

Stay tuned.