Potentiometer and Input Jack Wiring

The next step was to mount the pots. I went with sealed the P.E.C. brand that I purchased from Valvestorm. The trouble with these pots is that they are stainless steel and very difficult to solder a bus bar across the backs. Doing some research I found that a buss bar could be run just connecting the lugs that needed to be grounded.

*** NOTE – I later abandoned the buss bar and switched to the “Larry” grounding scheme due to a hum in the amp. ***

I next wired up the input jacks using shielded cable. I originally had the 68K resistor mounted on the board but after several suggestions I moved it directly to pin 7 on the V1 preamp tube. This is to help reduce noise.

*** NOTE – I later replaced this very skinny cable with Lava ELC which has a braided shield for better noise rejection. It is also a thicker gauge so breakage on the solder points is minimized***