Switch and Back Panel Wiring

I installed the power and standby switches. I am not putting the front panel on yet as this only needs to be installed when the pilot light is mounted.

The left lug of the power switch is wired to one conductor of the mains fuse. The right lug of the power switch is wired to the black 120V primary wire from the power transformer.

I installed the Neutrik powerCON connector. I wired the ground to it’s own ground lug, the neutral to the to the power transformer primary common, and the live to the other terminal on the mains fuse.

The left lug of the standby switch is wired to the left filter cap. The right lug is wired one conductor on the HT fuse.

The other lug of the HT fuse gets the output transformer center tap and one wire from the choke.

I grounded the 6.3 volt center tap and high voltage center tap to a transformer bolt.
***Note – I later moved these to a cap can clamp bolt***

I soldered the 1K 7watt Welwyn resistors to pins 4 and 6 on tube sockets V4 and V5 as well as a length of wire to pin 6 on V4.

Next I wired the bias test points. These are female banana connectors. I installed 3 across the back panel. Two red with a black in the center. Between each red and the center black connector I soldered a 1ohm 2 watt resistor. I joined pins 1 and 8 from the EL34 tube sockets V4 and V5 and then soldered each one to the nearest red test point. The black test point is soldered to a ground lug on the V4 tube socket bolt.


Switches and back panel wiring.

Switch and back panel wiring.