Output Transformer and Choke Wiring

The next step was to wire in the output transformer. Using a diagram provided by Chris Merren, I wired the white primary wire to pin 3 on the V5 tube socket and the red primary to pin 3 on the V4 tube socket. The back amp plate must be installed at this time. I fed the secondary wires from the output transformer through the impedance switch hole to solder them to the switch before bolting it in. I soldered Yellow (4 ohm) to pin 1, Green to pin 2, Gray to pin 3, the orange wire is left hanging for later connection to the speaker jack. I found this method easier than trying solder the switch mounted. I used #4 stainless machine screws and Nyloc nuts to bolt the switch in place.

One of the choke wires is twisted with the OT center tap (Brown) and will go to the HT fuse holder. The other is left hanging at this time .

Small cable ties keep everything neat.

***You will notice that the extra cap is missing. This step is slightly out of order as I changed the position of the cap from the chassis wall to right next to the choke as described in the previous step. The cap clamp on the wall of this picture was removed.***