Monthly Archives: January 2014

Faceplate designs sent to BNP Lasers

I finally got the amp plate designs off to BNP lasers. I have to give a big thanks to Jeanne Kangas for walking me through a lot of steps and providing examples needed to get to these finished. I designed them in Adobe Illustrator CS5 which was a big learning curve for me. Another big thanks to Tylor over at The Rock File for his Illustrator instructional help and doing the number dials for me. These will be laser engraved on satin gold AlumaMark with black lettering. Here is a pic of the final proof.


Merren Transformers have landed…

I wanted to use the best transformers I could locate. I was very happy with my Marstran transformers that I used in my JTM45, but I wanted something different and unique for this build. I have heard of the legendary hand-wound transformers created by Chris Merren. After many emails and and a lot of time passing, I have finally got my greedy hands on his 1202-118 power transformer and 784-139 output transformer. I can’t wait to get these babies wired up! Chris is an awesome guy. He talked to me on the phone and made sure I was using bakelite sockets and carbon comp resistors in the right spots. He even went out of his way to send me links to where I could find the sockets on eBay. Awesome customer service.

Beautiful Iron

Beautiful Iron