Monthly Archives: June 2013

Combo Cabinet for the JCM800

My goal is to make a very compact Marshall JCM800 clone, one that I can be easily transported to NYC rock clubs if need be. I used to have a head and a 2-12 cabinet but that is just too big to deal with in the city. A while back I built a JTM45 and later converted it to a combo. I had expert cabinet builder Jeff Swanson make a 20″ wide 1-12 cabinet that a 17″ JTM45 chassis could be crowbarred into. It was a great little combo amp, loud, clean, and compact. But I didn’t end up using the amp much, since I always rehearse at Smash Studios that has amps available. Most gigs I play have a backline as well so I wouldn’t carry the amp with me at all. A zydeco fiddle player named Jonno Frishberg tripped onto my amp pages and made me an offer for the JTM. I wanted to keep the cabinet as it was pretty expensive and totally custom, but Jonno ended up buying the chassis from me. He loves the amp and sent me a bunch of pictures of it at festivals and shows. He even made a name plate with my name on it for the head cabinet. I stored the combo cabinet for a couple of years knowing that the day would come where I would build the ultimate JCM800 Combo. Today I begin. Below are some of the pics of the cabinet I use for the amp.